Dr. Steven J. Roeters

Dr., Aarhus

After finishing his master's in Biophysics cum laude at the Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands, Dr. Roeters did a PhD project in Sander Woutersen's group at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands studying protein folding with 2D-IR spectroscopy. While studying a wide variety of proteins, most of the research efforts were focussed on amyloidogenic proteins, like alpha-synuclein (related to Parkinson's disease). In parallel, Dr. Roeters developed a formalism to calculate amide-I vibrational sum-frequency generations (VSFG), Raman and IR spectra of proteins. Subsequently, Dr. Roeters moved to Tobias Weidner's group at the Aarhus University for the post-doctoral project 'The molecular tricks bacteria use to make ice' to study ice-nucleating proteins with VSFG spectroscopy. He then obtained a 3-year post-doctoral grant from the Lundbeck Foundation to study alpha-synuclein with VSFG and 2D-IR, combining his two previous research lines.