Mr. Olajide Philip Adetunji

Missouri University of Science and Technology

I am Olajide Philip Adetunji, I hold a Bachelors in Industrial Chemistry from the Kwara state University in Malete, Nigeria. With a keen interest in medicinal chemistry, natural products, and bioanalytical chemistry, I joined the Missouri University of Science and Technology in the fall of 2020 for a PhD. program in Chemistry, with a focus on bioanalytical chemistry research.

I have worked on Natural products research in the past and my focus now is on bioanalytical chemistry especially metabolomics where we use advanced analytical techniques to evaluate small molecule biomarkers for diagnostic and ultimately, treatment purposes for diseases. I work in a research group with Dr. Paul Ki-Souk Nam as my advisor, and Dr. Shi Honglan as co-advisor who are well seasoned in their field of analytical chemistry and bioanalytical chemistry with numerous publications attributed to them individually and as a team. 

In the coming years, I hope to make an impact in the field of science with my research.