Mrs. Marisa Hostetter

TS&D Technologist, Dow Chemical

Marisa Hostetter joined Dow in June 2014 as an R&D Technologist for the Adhesives department in the plastics organization.  She provided applications support for many playbook projects and was a key contributor to the significant progress made in filmic label.  In January 2017, Marisa joined the Food, Pharma & Medical team as Pharmaceutical TS&D Technologist where she set up a new Pharmaceutical lab located in Collegeville, PA and drove customer focused projects.  Marisa joined the Architectural Technical Service group in Dow Coating Materials in January 2018.  Over the past 3 years, she has focused on formulating and testing of broad wall and specialty paints to help develop value propositions for Dow's portfolio of binders, additives and silicones and to identify opportunities for customer collaborations.  Prior to joining Dow, Marisa worked at Merck and Co. as a technologist in vaccine production.  She also worked at Charles River Laboratories as a molecular technologist where she produced and characterized various cell lines.  Marisa received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2007.  She has over 13 years of industrial experience as a technologist.