Dr. Lok R Pokhrel

Assistant Professor of Toxicology, East Carolina University

Dr. Lok Pokhrel is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Health (BSOM) and the Department of Health Education and Promotion (HHP)  at East Carolina University.Dr. Pokhrel is trained as a toxicologist and risk assessor. His
professional experience spans about 25 years of teaching (kindergarten through graduate level), and 10 years of research and service. He has received several awards, has served as judge in local and national conferences, and serves as an expert reviewer for over two dozen international journals in the field. Dr. Pokhrel directs Nanotechnology and Health Lab (NHL) at ECU. Research at NHL is focused on: (1) sustainable development of Nanotechnology-based products to solve imminent public health concerns, and (2) understanding environmental health and safety (nano-EHS) of the engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) and nano-based products through toxicity and risk analysis.