Kajal Desai

Revisiting the Chemical Stability of Molybdenum Disulfide Filtration Membranes

Kajal Desai was born and raised in India. Her family and her decided to move to the United States when she was thirteen year old. She currently resides in North Little Rock, Arkansas. She started attending the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in Fall 2017 and currently occupies the status of senior as a Chemistry major with a minor in Biological studies. She currently holds several positions across campus: President of American Chemical Society Student Organization, Student Captain for Design and Events team for Chancellor Leadership Corps, Vice President of Indian Student Association, and Student Representative for Academic Integrity and Grievance Committee. She is also an active member of Pre-Health and Biology club. Kajal is a member of the Chancellor Leadership Corps Scholars program and is a former member of Science Scholars. Outside of UA-Little Rock, she is a member of Hamilton Scholars program which builds leaders of character who will improve our nation and our world through their service, innovation, and excellence. Her plan after graduation is to attend a medical school to pursue a MD degree. She is passionate about making a positive impact in the healthcare field and she currently shows her activeness in healthcare community by volunteering at local hospitals and clinics during her free time.