Josanne Woodroffe

Research Chemist, Naval Air Weapons Center

Josanne-Dee Woodroffe, obtained her B.Sc. in Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry from the University of the West Indies in 2006. Within the same year, she relocated to Tampa, Florida, where she attained her teaching certificate in Chemistry as a science educator; later pursuing her interests in synthesis of small molecules, she embarked in a research career at the University of South Florida in Fall 2010. She was awarded both a M.S. and Ph.D. degree in Organic Chemistry for her work in the design and synthesis of potential drug therapeutics for the treatment of cancers. She is now a Research Chemist for the Naval Air Warfare Center at China Lake, focusing on the chemical catalysis for olefins cycloaddition and metathesis, for the preparation of high energy density fuels, polymers, and lubricants for jet and missile applications and use of bio-derived substrates for the preparation of high-performance biofuels. As of July 2021, she has published 8 peer-review papers.