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ACS Fall 2022 - Posters Final

3718318 - Disinfection of water contaminated with E.coli by using combination of electrolysis, photochemical treatment and ultrasonic: Role of hydroxyl radical formation and generation of singlet oxygen | Poster Board #2900

‐ Aug 24, 2022 8:00pm

Deionized water, highly contaminated with E. coli was treated using a 0.2% solution of sodium sulfate by pumping it through an electrochemical cell at low alternating current (from 0.15 to 0.4 A) and initial voltage demand of 18-35 volts (close circulating system). The influence of two additional types of water treatment has been investigated. First type of treatment includes generation of the singlet oxygen during irradiation of the polymer-based active photolayers containing 3-5% of porphyrin-based MOF with a visible light of low intensity. The second type is the ultrasonic treatment (20 kHz) that appears to be responsible for addition sanitizing effect. We have found the experimental conditions that provide the most effective combinations of singlet generation and generation of hydroxyl radicals through chlorine-free electrolytic processes and through ultrasonic treatment, superior to each applied individually.

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