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Division/Committee: [SCHB] Division of Small Chemical Businesses

Entrepreneurs share their best practices and lessons learned in starting, running, and growing a chemical business. This symposium holds critical, must-know information and narrative success stories from chemical professionals.

The Chemical Angel Network (CaN) is the only Nation-wide angel investing network for early stage chemical businesses. Angel Investing is the critical source of early stage company funding between Friends, Family and Fools and Venture Capital. The CaN network offers chemists, chemical engineers and other chemical professionals a unique opportunity to participate in the growth of companies in the chemical and chemistry enabled industries. In addition to possibly significant financial upside opportunities, the CaN network encompasses several unique elements. In addition to financial capital, the network draws upon the members’ unique experiences and knowledge base to provide comprehensive due diligence, mentoring, contacts, and general technical expertise. Investor Membership is still free thanks to our sponsors and startups apply to CaN at NO COST. Investors can apply using the link on the Investor webpage on our website and Entrepreneurs can apply by using the link on the Entrepreneurs webpage on our website. The Chemical Angel Network has become the smart capital choice for early staged chemical businesses and an excellent resource and co-investor for other angel networks, angel funds, and corporate venture funds.
SCHB supports its members by assisting in the formation, development and growth of start-ups and small chemical businesses. We provide content through collaborations at ACS local, regional, and national meetings, as well as weekly online “discuss business” sessions that marry technical content with an informal social setting. Our sessions feature the real stories of chemical entrepreneurs, as well as guidance on the best practices in growing and developing your business. Our partnerships with other ACS units on contemporary topics of interest to chemical enterprises facilitate dialog and synergy amongst business-minded chemists. Our strong network of individuals to draw inspiration from and to conduct business with is one asset that we support our members with. Consider learning more about the benefits of SCHB programs, membership and sponsorship. The elements of your next successful business can be found within SCHB.
Celebrating Jennifer Maclachlan, the 2022 Grady-Stack Recipient
06:15pm - 07:45pm USA / Canada - Central - August 23, 2022 | Location: Michigan 1 (Hyatt Regency Chicago)
Session Type: Networking Events - In-person